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Just Another Heart in Need of Rescue

Don't hide what you feel inside, don't let anyone stand in your way...

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So it's almost 2 am, and I'm watching Buffy.

Yay. Good times.

I went to the movies with Hama yesterday. We went to see Material Girls, like a bunch of losers. Hee. It wasn't all that bad. And it only cost five bucks! How do you beat that!? =] But anyway.

All was well, then when we came home, Gram was being taken to Hospice. She's not doing well, and we don't know how much longer she has. But I'm not going to go into the gory details because they are way too depressing.

Anyway. Imma go now, and finish this and then go to bed.

(no subject)
So I'm mainly going to update this for Megan Tewks.

Well, that and because I have nothing else to do at the moment. Heh.

Erm...what have I been up to lately? Work, mostly. My last day is Monday, i.e tommorrow. Thank goodness. Though, I think I'm going to ask for the job for the rest of the year, too. Cause if I did, theres a 95.99% chance that I'll get it without much effort, no interview, no nothing. And damn. It's $10 an hour to stamp, fold, and know how to do my ABC's. That's a lot better than anything else I can think of, even if it bores me to death.

So anyway. Friday my boss took me, Anna and Kristalyn out to lunch. We hijacked the mail van =]. Erm...then we had free icecream out on the front lawn of the Credit Union. It was beautiful. I went home at 1:30, and then at 5 I went over to Bill Moore's house. We got Applebees, and we brought it home and set up a little picnic type setting in his living room and watched Angel and Buffy. Then we had a deep, rather odd conversation about just about everything and anything. Good times, good times.

Yesterday I had to watch Gram. She's not doing to well--and it sucks. It's scary. Not knowing when something can happen.

Today I've just been being lazy.

Tommorrow is the last day of work, then Tuesday I'm going out with Hama. Gonna be a good time. And omygod! Friday...I'm hanging out with Andrea. Eeeee! So excited. Hee.

Okay, so that's that.

Until next time.


(no subject)
So, I just got back from spending the day with my Dad, Stepmom, and brother Connor and sisters Eiryn, Tess and Brigid. It was pretty much the first time I've seen them in three months, and the second or third that I've talked to them in that much time also.

I lived, so I guess all is well. We pretty much just decided to not talk about any touchy subjects, i.e my mom, my home life, my job, those things. It worked out well. I went swimming with the girls, played Zelda with my brother and we went out to eat. It's a bit awkward, but whatever. That's to be expected with the way we parted back in May.

It just sucks. I already had a crappy ass relationship with my dad, and now it's worse.


So now here I am. Playing Solitaire, listening to BBMak (yes, I still love them) and trying to upgrade my Yahoo messenger because the ghetto version has now gotten to me. It's fun, really. Not really, because it still has like fourty minutes left before it's done. Psssh. Stupid dialup.

Yeah. Tommorrows the start of another work week. I just try to remind myself about the four hundred dollar paychecks I've been racking in.


Yes, it's official. Krysti is once again addicted to her LJ.

Eh. Yea, so today is a grumpy mood day for me.

No classes or anything since it's Thursday, so I went to the store to go grocerying. But I'm broke, so that was just a sucky thing. I didn't get half the things I needed because I also have to put gas in the truck. I like living on my own and all? I like buying things for myself and all that shit, but it gets hard when theres no money. It sucks.

So now that I'm here, I'm cleaning. I'm not in a good mood, so it seemed better to just go clean the house top to bottom. Not to mention it was lookin' kinda gross, so I didn't want to deal with Dad popping by and freaking because I'm living in a scum hole. Not that it was scummy. But you know. Dishes in the sink, messy room, throw pillows on the floor not on the couch. That kind of stuff. I still have to do my room, but right now I'm just kind of sitting her with M.K and cleaning the computer room. But anyway.

I've been feeling kind of shitty, you know?

Theres also some emotions running rampart over a certain someone. But I just kind of need to tell myself to get over it. It's not helping anything. Whatever.


Okay. I think I might be done.

(no subject)
I have nothing better to do, so Mr. LJ I will write in you.

Not sure what exactly I'll write, but okay.


So my day consisted of a lot of sleeping. I'm not sure whats up with me, but I always feel completely tired, no matter what. So I slept today to try and fix that, but no luck. Then I cleaned and suck, and did my normal type activities.

Bones came on. DB is hot. End of story. It was about pirates this week, very cool. Plus, DB looks really cute saying "ARRRRG."


Then LOST, which is getting even more fucked up. I don't get it at all, but I'm not sure I'm supposed ta'.



So I wake up this morning, roll over, wipe the sleep out of my eyes and then...I see it. It was like a fucking blizzard. Why? Did someone not get the memo that it's April? Spring? No snow! I can handle the rain (in small amounts), but no snow. Snow=bad.

As I just said to Kar:

Krysti: This is what happens when I go to sleep.
Krysti: Bad things happen.

Yes, thank you for your time.

-end rant.-

Just for Tewks, I'm gonna update. I forgot the damn password, and hence, there was not a whole lot of me.


It's 2:23 AM, and I'm tired.

I have class in a few hours, and I don't want to sleep.

That's just the life of Krysti Sharts, I suppose.


Heh. Okay. I'll write more when I know what I want to say.

Yea baby...I'm back.

Sorry I've been neglecting this thing for a long time, I've just been preoccupied. Yea...that's it. Preoccupied.

Not really sure what the heck to write in here at the moment. I mean, how do you recap the last three or so odd months of your life? Not that mine is interesting or anything. Cause it's definately not. But anway.

I'll try to write in this more. When I actually can think of something worth writing.

(no subject)
I got a new kitty!!! Her name is Miss Kitty Fantastico and she's black. I wuv her already. Haha.

(no subject)
Lately I've been going thru massive mood swings and I don't know why. Maybe its just because I'm tired, or because things aren't going the right way...but everything and anything just pisses the crap out of me and I have to walk away. But yea...note to self: get more sleep and remember to breathe.

So the rest of the week looks like its going to be one of those "I want to kill myself before its over" type of things. Class every day, then Saturday and Sunday will be spent working. Yay...not really. 8 hrs on my feet running around being barked at each day isn't really my idea of fun. Only thing worth it is the money and the free food. Haha.

Well I'm gonna go. Not sure what I want to do with myself.